Thursday, August 2, 2012

The First Post

An afternoon post to get this thing started, perhaps. Here's what you need to know;
My name is Darcy and I'm into art. You probably guessed that though. I live in a pretty great city, Pittsburgh, PA. I am going to be graduating this fall with a Digital Design degree from the Art Institute here in Pittsburgh.

While art is what I do and love, the most important part of my life is music. So you will most likely see a blog or two about that.

I also love to read. Alot. Since I was a kid and my parents read to me, I loved books. If you love to read you know how great it feels to start exploring the new world that they offer. Which is why it is great to me to get the chance to find a new great medium in the book world called Emotobooks.

Grit City Publications has started this wonderful revolution and I'm glad to be a part of it. If you enjoy reading fiction and art you will want to check this out. They're small for now, but expect many more titles to come. Join the Emotobook revolution!

I hope to expand this blog, but for now I have the other many social media sites such as;


DeviantArt (where I do my main free lance from)

and a newly acquired Pintrest, which seems pretty cool.

Did I miss anything?