Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Year so far.

Wow! So far 2013 has been a pretty big year.

Let's start with the biggest piece of news. The first Emotobook I have illustrated with Grit City Publications officially released for sale on February 1st! This is huge to me, completely wonderful. The story reads like a sci-fi horror and will keep you hooked. It's an EmotoSingle which means it's a one off and not part of a series. Which is cool to me because sometimes you don't have time to get caught up in a whole series especially if it's still ongoing. Here's the summary and some links for purchasing if this adventure captures your attention:


For years, Sarah Dayer endured physical and mental abuse from a hard-charging drunk of a fiancĂ© in a sleepy Ohio town. In a moment of self-preservation, she made the drastic decision to flee the only life she’d ever known, despite her fiance’s promise to kill her if she ever returned. After reinventing herself as an ER nurse, an unwelcome horror threatens to destroy her new life.

On her way to work, Sarah witnesses a bloody highway accident. While using her medical skills to assist a young pregnant woman pinned by her malfunctioning seatbelt, an overbearing metaphysical force implants itself in Sarah’s body. What begins as a blessing of irresistible sex appeal and the ability to perform medical miracles soon turns into a struggle of control for Sarah’s very existence.

In this Emotobook single of self-discovery, fate, and personal sacrifice, TABAKA takes the reader on an emotional journey of impossible mental trials, moral decisions, and honorable heroics. 

Barnes & Noble (Nook book)

Amazon (Kindle edition)

Smashwords (multiple formats including PDF)

Author - Jason Bryant's blog

Editor - Rebecca Hoffman's blog

Grit City has all kinds of cool extras as well. Like requests for Autograph cards signed by the author, illustrator, etc. and EmotoSwag from Cafe Press which feature either the cover or one of the illustrations from inside that I created. It is such a fun and creative process to illustrate for Emotobooks because it is something that is not being done anywhere else.

Another lovely thing that passed just a day after my debut illustrator release was one of my very best friend's 22nd birthday. She is exactly one month and one day older than me and we've been friend's since elementary school. Second grade to be exact. It's really amazing to be able to know and actually get along with someone for that long. I send my darling Sam birthday love and wishes for every year to be better than the last.

There are a lot of birthdays coming up in March as well, including my own, but I'm really not a big fan of birthdays except to have an excuse to hang out with awesome friends.

I miss the city, but it has certainly been too busy the last few months to give it more than a thought. Here
in West Virginia it has decided not to have it's massive snow until after December. I took a short trip to Georgia earlier in January to try and avoid it, but I think someone told God and he saved up a good bit to dump on my head when I came back. I've been snowed in more than once, but I'm hoping to get home soon so I can start working on art again.

Lastly I'd like to say just a little something (because my whole Tumblr will just be about this for the next few days) about Fall Out Boy coming off of their hiatus. A lot of people aren't fans or just don't give a shit, but this band is really important to me. There is one band that got me through high school and life now, there is one band who taught me about who I am and who I want to be, and there is one band who did both. That's Fall Out Boy. I won't go into specifics as to why because there are too many reasons and it would take too much time. But imagine the band that meant that to you essentially reuniting (because technically they never broke up) and giving you new music/video, tour dates, and an album release date all on a Monday before noon. I was riding on clouds all day. Now my only worry is will I have to chose between seeing them or going to Warped Tour!

This might be my longest original post ever and I hope that this is preview of the rest of a great year yet to come.

Darcy Lynn